When you are planning your wedding there are many factors to consider. I know there are many questions that you might have and I will try to answer them here. Thank you for your consideration.

  • Do you have any videos of you DJing?

I have been what we call in the DJ community a single op for many years, and It has never occurred to me to record anything. I just bought a new camera and I plan on getting pictures and video at every event

  • What kinds of music do you play?

We are an open genre DJ company, meaning that we play every type of music depending on the clients needs. Top 40, hip hip, Jazz, pop, rock, country, gospel, R&B, Latin, reggae, EDM, World Music, Indian, K-Pop, and anything else you can think of. I have two degrees in music and have studied world music extensively.

  • Does Set-up and Tear Down cost extra?

Absolutely Not. Any time that I take putting up equipment and taking it down, is 100% on me. Some events I have to get there earlier then others. this time is included in the package.

  • Is the music you play clean?

Yes. Most of the events that we do are family functions or business events. We always play the clean version of the song.

  • Can I customize my playlist for my event?

You can select songs to be added to a must play list and songs for a do not play list. Part of what makes us good is that we have the ability to read the crowd and play what will keep them moving.

  • Can you help me pick my special dances?

Yes, we have many years of experience with this. I can give you a list of most requested songs for each special dance.

  • Do you have wireless microphones?

Yes, we have two wireless lapel microphones that we can use for your ceremony and two handheld wireless microphones that can be used for the reception. All of these wireless microphones are included in EVERY package we have. We clean and sanitize each and every microphone between each person and we use disposable microphone covers.

  • Do you take credit card payments?

Yes, we can either do a chip read or a swipe. We can even send you an invoice to be paid online. There are no Card Transaction fees.

  • I don’t have a wedding planner, can you help keep the wedding moving?

Yes, I have been to hundreds of weddings and I can help set you up a timeline for how the wedding/reception will go. I will also be your MC, so Naturally I will be making short announcements throughout the evening when necessary.

  • Should we tip our DJ?

Tips are not required and also not expected. However, tips are greatly appreciated and customary for an excellent job and good service.

  • Can I book you , even though I don’t have my venue yet?

Yes, I would highly encourage you too schedule with me as soon as you settle on a date. Our calendar fills up fast.

  • How do you dress for events?

Typically, I will wear a black suit with a white shirt and a black tie. If your event is more laid back I will probably dress a little more casual. At times I will have helpers. They will either be dressed similarly to me or wearing one of our company polos with slacks.

  • Do you have a plan in case of an equipment malfunction?

Yes, we typically bring extra gear in case of an emergency. We take great pride in maintaining our equipment and keeping it current. But we also understand that things just happen sometimes.

  • If there is a question that I did not answer for you, please leave it here and I will get back to you right away.